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As’salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatahu

Dear Sister/Brother

On behalf of the Purpose of Life Foundation and Purpose Media Group, we thank you so much for your kind invitation. We are very excited to participate in your prospective event.

Please complete this online form in full and email it back to skypurpose@gmail.com your deposit payment receipt in order to complete the event booking registration process before you can start advertising or promoting the event.

Since we are receiving a high volume of International Event Requests, our Events Department will only confirm an Event Request from an organization that is prepared to secure their date with a deposit.

Best of Regards
Dr. Syed Masrur

The Purpose of Life Foundation

This form is for the Purpose of Life Events Registration with complete protocol
  • Organizer's Details:

    Please provide all the information below including the contact person responsible for the event management.
  • Event Proposal

    In this section you need to provide us as much detail for your planned event to asses whether the Purpose of Life Foundation will participate.
  • Please provide us the following details of your event, including Structure, Outline, Guests and expected outcome:
  • Event Itinerary

    Agenda breakdown of the planned events
  • The first day of the event
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  • The first day of the event
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  • HH : MM AM/PM
  • The first day of the event
  • HH : MM AM/PM
  • HH : MM AM/PM
  • Please select only if you need to add more days or customized program

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. PROFESSIONAL FEE: The Professional Fee for A DAY is $2000 for Community Organizations and $1000 for Student’s Organization. (Currency: £ in UK, € in European Region and $ in the rest of the world). (You may go to Google and search Professional & Motivational Speaker Fees in order to know the General Fees of Professional Speakers.) You may go to Google and search Professional & Motivational Speaker Fees in order to know the General Fees of Professional Speakers.

    2. TRANSPORTATION: The flight only Emirates or similar grade Airlines. Also we have our own Travel Agent, so transportation and professional fee should be sent to our office.

    3. SECURITY: When travelling in any country outside the USA & Europe. The Purpose of Life Foundation requires a late model vehicle (contracted) and with a licensed driver. (Personal cars will not be preferred) We also need to know if you have formal security coverage of the event for obvious reasons.

    4. ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation should be in a four star International Standard Hotel having a Business Center. We will need 3 alternatives to choose from before you confirm the accommodation bookings which should include 1 day before the event for check-in and 1 day after the event for checking-out.

    5. PRESENTATION: We would need 20-30 min time right after his public lecture to showcase Purpose of Life and Purpose Of Life Television Productions.

    FILMING: The event will be recorded (Video & Audio) with our own equipment’s. The Lectures, Seminars and Workshop events that will be recorded are the sole intellectual property of the Purpose of Life Foundation and all copyrights are reserved. We will broadcast and distribute these contents through SKY Media. You may request a complimentary non-sale distribution copy to provide after the editing by emailing skymedia@skypurpose.com 14 days after the event.

    7. REFUND POLICY: We are not taking partial payments. Once we have booked the dates for you, however if your committee cancels the event, only airfare will be returned if the ticket booked is refundable, not the professional fee. However, if we Purpose of Life Foundation cancels the event or fails to show up, then we will refund all the payments in full.

  • You will need to scroll to read all 7 clauses and select them all to complete the agreement.
  • 1. Please download the event guide https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Ukl8vhNXrKVzVzTHBFSDJsWm8

    2. Read the document in the link

    3. Confirm that you accept the Event Services and Charges

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